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Virtual Vision Trip: Experience Togo with GPiH

Updated: May 15

“How can we show the need in West Africa to those in another country?” It is a difficult mission. Global Partners in Hope is trying to connect those who want to impact and partner with us in this journey to those that are thousands of miles away. In an attempt to solve this question, Cooper Idt, one of our college interns, alongside the rest of our team, decided to organize a Virtual Vision Trip for those who ask, “How can I help?” but cannot travel on one of our regular missions trips to Togo. It was an onerous task that has taken months of hard work. During this months long journey, Cooper has drawn his motivation from his strong belief in God, saying his goal is “to glorify the name of Jesus by creating an avenue through which those called to help West Africans are able to do so.” Also, the experiences he has had traveling to Togo are experiences he wants everyone to have. He wants people to have the most real experience of Togo they can have. When asked about his dream superpower for the past six months, Cooper would have answered, “Bringing Togo to people’s doorsteps.” It is more than a passion for Cooper.

The virtual vision trip will be an adventure into a meaningful experience. Your questions about Togo will be answered both from a firsthand perspective and from those who have experienced our popular mission trips, the common “why's” will be answered. It is our goal that you have as real an experience of Togo as you can. The first beta test of this exciting adventure will take place on November 30, 2022. Stay tuned for more details about how you can reserve your own seat for our next virtual journey to Togo for only $30 per person and support the effort to provide hope for women and children through clean water and health care in French-speaking West Africa.

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