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Wisdom is proved right by her deeds

Through partnership with GPiH, you will deliver on your commitment to social impact in the most distressed places on earth. Help us create a world in which women and children not only survive, but thrive for generations.

ESG, Impact Investing and a Triple Bottom Line

Stakeholders are increasingly expecting companies to promote a triple bottom line of economic, social and environmental value. They believe that companies focused solely on shareholders ignore and may even contribute to the societal problems of environmental degradation, growing inequality, and persistent poverty. In fact, many of the world’s corporate leaders have made bold, ambitious commitments to environmental, social, and governance goals. 


ESG is one framework for analyzing companies and assessing how well they compare to their peers in terms of dedication to the environment, social responsibilities and governance. With impact investing, investments are made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. 

Partnering to deliver impact.

To deliver on these commitments, many will rely on partnerships with social enterprises and non-profits. Today, companies that want to meet both shareholder and societal expectations work collaboratively with multiple and diverse players, including non-profits, to implement “win-win” strategies that benefit all system participants.


Such collaboration can produce great benefits in low income, underdeveloped countries where the most impoverished people live, socially excluded and surrounded by serious environmental damage.

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Partnering with GPiH.

Partner with GPiH to do high-impact social good in some of the most distressed places on earth. Provide basic human services to transform lives and communities. Our social impact strategy is environmentally sound (achieving the social mission without environmental degradation). We promote responsible governance systems (through ethical, empowering local partnerships). The acute, evident, short-term impact in each of these areas leads to systemic long-term change that affects generations to come.


We have sponsorship opportunities available in each of these areas. Your generosity will overflow beyond the social impact into environmental and governance areas. Furthermore, we encourage you to get involved through a variety of means to syndicate the experience of being part of this impact in the world and thoroughly inspect and witness the impact you make.


Keep score; demonstrate impact.

We are committed to accountability. We provide a compelling narrative with evidence, and non-financial performance metrics, to validate the impact you are making through your sponsorship of and engagement with GPiH so you can demonstrate your impact to key stakeholders.

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Answer the call - It matters

Through partnership with GPiH, you will deliver on your commitment to social impact in the most distressed places on earth. Help us create a world in which women and children not only survive, but thrive for generations. Let us serve you as you learn more about making this difference in the world. Contact us here to have a conversation.

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Sustainability and Social Impact

The financial sustainability of the clinics is remarkable. They quickly become self-sustaining while our impact compounds over time. It’s no wonder our team remains committed to making this difference in the world as an organization. - Andy Geer, President, Reynolda Smiles


Partnership with GPiH is one way ConAgra team members have helped address our commitment to reduce greenhouse

gas emissions and safeguard

water resources. -  Crystal Bayliss, ConAgra (Former)


Our customers continue to be amazed that by working with us they are making a difference in the lives of real people far away. - Eric Maas, CEO, Complete Weddings + Event

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