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What we Do
What We Do

We imagine a world in which women and children not only survive childbirth, but thrive for generations, in underserved, French-speaking, West Africa.

Our impact reflects three key dimensions.


Environmentally Sound: Achieve the social mission in a sustainable manner without degradation and reduce strain on resources.


High Impact Social Good: Enable access to clean water, basic health services (up to and including deliveries and care for post partum complications) and education.


Ethically Responsible: Promote responsible governance systems through ethical, empowering, local partnerships.

Our sequential, four step process allows us to start with a pilot and then work toward scaling the impact across the community, in such a way that the impact overflows from partners, to patients, communities and beyond.

Four Sustainable and
Innovative Processes

kids looking at camera
baby looking at camera

 Patient Experience: Mali

My child has epilepsy and nothing has ever worked. Multiple times a day he drops to the ground and shakes violently. Everyone looks at us with fear and pity for what they believe to be the evil spirit that he has. But the health center gave us daily medication that has stopped the seizures and we can now live in peace and joy. - Malian Patient

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