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​​Global Partners in Hope (GPiH) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. 

Our Values

Trust: Openness, dependability and integrity in all of our partnerships. 

Compassion: Coming alongside those in need and working together to find solutions. 

Stability: Providing consistency in a challenging and ever-changing world. 

Hope: Seizing today’s opportunities to build the promises of tomorrow.

Vision: Women and children not only survive, but thrive for generations, in underserved, French-speaking, West Africa.

Mission: Led by local partners and staff, we enable access to clean water and sustainable health care centers, powered by renewable energy.

Awards & Memberships
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Meet the Team

We are a small, but mighty team, deeply passionate about doing high-impact social good in some of the most distressed, underserved places on earth. With decades of experience in French-speaking West Africa and a command of the French-language and culture, our team is laser focused on the communities and type of impact in which we believe we can be best in the world.


Take one step - It matters

Looking for internship or an opportunity to volunteer? Join our team and experience the joy of serving a community

in need of HOPE. We are always on the lookout for mission aligned people that want to come alive.

Financial Analyst


Trust and relationship are central to everything we do. Ultimately, we are just the platform for the impact You make in the world. We recognize our role as steward of your generosity and possess a deep commitment to transparency and accountability. We carefully manage our resources to maximize and leverage impact. We invite your thorough inspection. In addition to receiving regular updates, we welcome questions and conversations about how we plan and deploy capital.

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