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International Advisory Board

Trent Wachner – Trent Wachner holds the position of Assistant Professor of Marketing at Creighton University, located in Omaha, Nebraska. He obtained his Ph.D. in marketing from Washington State University in 2008. Trent's research primarily centers around marketing strategy, sales force effectiveness, and the governance of interfirm relationships that bridge organizational boundaries. When not engaged in his academic pursuits, Trent finds joy in spending quality time with his wife, Barb, and their four children.

Hope – Born and raised in China, Hope came to the United States in 2013 to pursue an education at Baylor University.  Prior to her relocation, Hope dedicated three impactful years as a valued staff member at GPiH. Her role as a Program Administrator was instrumental in shaping the evolution of our esteemed leadership development program. Currently, Hope resides in Indiana alongside her husband Willis and their son, Paul. In addition to her involvement in translation projects, she actively takes on the role of homeschooling her son, optimizing her time to ensure his education thrives.

Deborah Dogba – Deborah Dogba, known as the "Business Seal," is a remarkable individual driven by a mission to empower businesses. Originally from Togo, she has earned recognition as a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, a global leader, and an organizational strategist. With a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, specializing in Banking and Financial Markets, and an additional Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Psychology, Deborah possesses a diverse skill set. She is a true builder, a serial entrepreneur, and a strategic business strategist. As a respected global influencer and an unwavering advocate for the African Diaspora, Deborah Dogba is dedicated to making a positive impact and delivering innovative solutions to businesses.

Mindy Ruffalo – Mindy Ruffalo is a globally experienced business executive who excels in identifying opportunities to align and expand business partnerships across borders. Her success is contributed to her international business background, education, as well as her consultative and collaborate relationship-building approach. She is specifically able to provide oversight and guidance to multi-cultural and cross-functional teams and stakeholders. She currently lives in Chattanooga, TN, and enjoys spending time with her three kids.

Victor Adoukonou – Victor Adoukonou is an accomplished IT Analyst and the manager of MCI (Millennium Consortium Ife), a small business specializing in providing cybersecurity services and conducting awareness training for both organizations and individuals. With a doctoral degree in Business Administration, an MBA in Accounting, and an MA in Social Sciences, Victor is a highly qualified professional. He also holds the esteemed position of co-founder and Honorary President of the Togolese Diaspora in the United States (DTUSA). Dr. Adoukonou's extensive expertise encompasses strategic consulting, coaching, and training in areas such as Small Business Sustainability, Cybersecurity, Entrepreneurship, and Strategy. With over two decades of experience, Victor has consistently demonstrated his ability to mobilize communities and contribute to positive change through his work with various nonprofits.

Karine E. Sokpoh - Karine E. Skopoh, a native of Togo, Africa, is a renowned attorney and the founder of Sokpoh Law Group, LLC. Since 2011, her practice has focused on representing individuals, businesses, and families in immigration, family law, and corporate matters. Karine's commitment to her community is evident through her involvement as President of the Midlands African Chamber, Inc., Vice President of the League for African Advancement, and memberships in the Nebraska State Bar Association, Women's Fund Board, and Women's Center for Advancement. In 2020, she was honored with the Visionary award by the Nebraska Lawyers Foundation.

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Thinking about joining the team?

We're always looking to expand our international team. Would you like to join our team and experience the impact of HOPE in West Africa? We're looking for members throughout the community who would be wiling to share their talents with those in need. The journey starts today but the impact lasts for generations to come. 

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