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west Africa water well

Experience Impact

Don’t miss the opportunity to relate deeply to the challenge and connect profoundly to the impact.

kids at water well

Actual Vision Trip 

Join a team to travel to Togo! Connect one on one with our partners providing infant and maternal care in one of the most distressed, underserved locations in the world and hear firsthand stories of lives transformed! Understand the challenge like never before and explore how you can make a difference.

student looking at computer screen

Join a team to travel virtually to Togo! Experience West Africa through this interactive, unique, and personalized trip. Led by a GPiH staff member and Togolese individual, you will come to understand life in Togo. Register by clicking the link above to learn how you can use your time, talents, and/or treasures to seriously make an impact in Togo, West Africa.

nurses in front of water well

Medical Mission Trip

Join a team led by one of our medical professionals on a short term trip and use your gifts to make lasting impact. These trips are focused on enabling and training local health care providers and referral partners. Experience first hand the rewards and complexities working in global health. 

On all of our trips you will find purpose and significance by: 

  1. Relating to the need and participating in its fulfillment;

  2. Experiencing firsthand life of the underserved Togolese;

  3. Building meaningful relationship with local providers and patients; and

  4. Cultivating meaningful relationships with team members.

Kids and nurse


Hear the stories from previous team members about their experience with GPiH.

group photo in africa

Take one step - It matters

Have a specific gift, skill or passion that might help manifest the vision? Experience in water, health care,

construction, renewables, marketing…? Looking for internship or an opportunity to volunteer? We are always

on the lookout for mission aligned partners that want to come alive.

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