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Beyond Boundaries: A Community's Road to Empowerment

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Alongside a dedicated team, Ian Vickers, the CEO of Global Partners in Hope, embarked on a meaningful journey to an extremely secluded village led by a prominent Togolese leader.

The village, seemingly frozen in time, revealed mud hut homes, swaying hammock beds, and a communal structure shared for daily meals. Life in this remote village revolves around farming cotton and crops, making string out of that cotton for trade, and preparing a single meal over wood fires.

After the brief tour, the team witnessed a group of women and children engaged in crafting string from locally grown cotton. Among them, an elderly woman, approximately 80 years old, stood out.

Ian's fluency in French became a crucial bridge, fostering communication with the predominantly French-speaking villagers. This encounter marked a historic moment for the elderly woman, who met Ian as the first white person in her lifetime.

Amidst the simplicity, the stark reality of medical needs resonated in the elderly woman's words: "We need it. There is nothing. No aspirin, no anything." The village's lone water source, a hand-dug well, fell short, prone to drying out and leaving the community in a precarious situation.

The purpose of this visit, led by the Togolese leader, was to see where the next water well would be constructed. Global Partners in Hope alongside the community, capable and resilient, are on the brink of initiating the construction of a new well in January. This endeavor holds the promise of a sustainable water source, addressing a fundamental need and offering hope for improved living conditions.

This encounter is not a tale of saviors descending upon a village but a shared journey toward empowerment. Become a part of this amazing story of life change, providing the most basic of human needs to those who need it most. You can provide hope to those in West Africa through Global Partners in Hope.

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