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Your GPiH 2023 Impact & Our 2024 Vision

Updated: May 15

YOUR 2023 Impact

As we step into the new year, we reflect on the incredible journey we collectively embarked on throughout 2023. It is with immense gratitude that we write to express our heartfelt appreciation for the invaluable role each one of you has played in making the past year a future-altering one for so many in West Africa. Continue reading for GPiH 2023 Impact & Our 2024 Vision.

Your collective generosity has been a driving force behind some remarkable milestones, and we want to take a moment to share the highlights of what we have achieved together.

Surgical Building in Agbelouve, Togo as of November, 2023

In 2023, we celebrated the commencement of the surgical building in Agbelouve, Togo! This 6,000 square-foot building, with C-section capabilities, will be the difference between life and death for thousands in the coming generations. Additionally, the successful arrival of a 10,000-pound shipping container filled with medical supplies marked not only a significant milestone for us, paving the way for many more, but also directly enabled life-saving deliveries and care, underscoring the real difference your contributions make on the ground.

Water Well in Benin

The construction of new water wells in Tokpli, Togo, and Atomè, Benin, serve hundreds with clean water while also paving the way for future clinics in these regions. We also celebrate our lasting relationship with Creighton University, welcoming new interns and hosting the first Creighton Leadership Event.

Togolese father and son after receiving life saving care at Agbelouve healthcare center

Most importantly, we saw over 3,000 safe baby deliveries across the 15 healthcare facilities in 2023. Over 3,000! These births are the realization of our shared vision: Moms and babies don’t die during childbirth, but thrive for generations in underserved, French-speaking West Africa. Your partnership has enabled the saving of thousands of lives, new collaborations into Benin, and surpassing our year-end goal! We are truly so thankful for each of you!

Our 2024 Vision

As our journey together continues into 2024, we are excited to share our vision for the coming year:

Water well in Benin

Completion of Surgical Building in Togo (August):

The completion of the surgical building in Agbelouve, Togo, will be realized this year, leapfrogging decades of healthcare infrastructure and capabilities in this region.

Begin First Health Clinic in Benin:

We plan to initiate a health clinic in Benin, expanding our impact and providing vital healthcare services to communities in need.

Build Water Wells in Togo and Benin:

Sustainable access to clean water is at the core of our mission. With your support, we plan to strategically impact more villages in Togo and Benin with this fundamental resource, preventing many water-borne diseases.

As we embark on these ambitious projects in 2024, we invite you to continue being a part of this transformative journey. Wishing you a joyous start to the year and a 2024 filled with the knowledge that your generosity is shaping a brighter future.

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