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Empower a Miracle: Sponsor Safe Births in West Africa

About three months ago GPiH launched an initiative to encourage donors to sponsor the safe birth of a child in Togo, West Africa. The idea was sparked because our founder, Ian Vickers, was excitedly looking forward to the birth of his third grandchild.

This experience shed a new light on the disparity between the same experience, giving birth, in Togo compared to America.

Ian’s daughter had access to top notch medical attention and expert prenatal care. Conversely, in West Africa, without access to a medical facility, the chance of losing a child in birth can be as high at 1 in 10 (UN/WHO/UNICEF). Since GPiH has worked with the Togolese to build and furnish a healthcare facility, the risk of death in childbirth has dropped by 95%! Mothers and babies are leaving healthy and are able to thrive for years to come.

Incredibly, a Togolese family can confidently receive a safe childbirth for just $35. Your $35 gift can save the life of a precious son or daughter, and possibly a mother as well. Better yet, an ongoing $35 pledge will allow you to be a part of building the next life-saving healthcare facility in West Africa.

Our goal is that 30 people/families, by month end, would come alongside GPiH to support safe childbirth. So far we are falling short of our goal but trust that you will recognize this critical need and want to be a part of this beautiful miracle for families in West Africa.

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