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Story of Hope: Update on Baby Ruth

In last month’s newsletter, we shared the story of Ruth, a seven month old baby girl living in Togo. Ruth was born with an “imperforate anus,” meaning that she did not have the proper digestive tract opening necessary to pass stool. Upon her birth, Ruth immediately underwent a lifesaving procedure that provided her with a stoma. During this procedure, the surgeon cuts the colon and brings the two openings up to the skin to allow the stool to empty from the upstream side and secretions to drain from the downstream side. Unfortunately, the stoma was only a temporary solution, and Ruth was still in need of an additional surgery in order to thrive long-term. 

The Global Partners in Hope staff living in Togo was moved by Ruth’s story and felt compelled to take action. With the help of generous donors, we were able to raise the funds necessary for Ruth’s definitive surgery. A Baptist missions hospital near Kpalime, “Hôpital Baptiste Biblique,” performed the surgery and provided Ruth’s medical care, since our medical center is currently under construction. 

Ruth underwent the procedure a few weeks ago and the surgery was a success! Little baby Ruth now has the proper external opening needed for her digestive system to release stool and continue functioning properly. She was sent home with her mother and has spent the last few weeks recovering. Thanks to the generous support of our donors, Ruth will now be able to live a happy and healthy life.

We are looking forward to performing similar procedures to Ruth’s, and providing medical care to the individuals that need it most. 

With the addition of the medical center in the Zio District, families will have access to proper medical care and the resources necessary to sustain and promote wellbeing. Once construction of the medical center is complete, GPiH will be ready to hit the ground running and begin providing the medical care that this community so desperately needs. 

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