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Spotlight: Meet Jannie Price

Updated: May 15

Global Partners in Hope is so fortunate to have such a dedicated team. It is because of their hard work that hope is being provided around the world! This is why we strive to give each member of our team the recognition they deserve through our monthly spotlight. Watch the video below to learn why our team cares about our mission!

Meet Executive Assistant, Jannie Price

Spotlight - Executive Assistant, Jannie Price, is through and through a Nebraska native having lived Omaha for the majority of her life. She attended the all girls school, Mercy High School before receiving her degree from Metro Community College. Prior to joining the team, Jannie worked both as a paralegal and an administrative assistant at Journey Church. Since joining GPiH, she has been a vital member of the team. Without her organizational skills, diligent work ethic, and passion to truly help those around her, we would be lost. The GPiH team is truly blessed to have such an amazing woman a part of our team!

Outside of the office, you can catch Jannie enjoying anything outdoors. From fishing, to camping, to playing with her dog Sheldon, to mowing her lawn, which she surprisingly loves to do, Jannie loves all things outdoors. Well….at least in the summer when it’s not -10° outside.

Watch the video above to hear Jannie’s take on the work of GPiH!

Q1.What is your background prior to joining Global Partners in Hope? (0:00)

Q2.What is the most rewarding part of your position? (01:30)

Q3. Is there a specific GPiH memory that sticks out? (3:10)

Q4. Final piece of advice? (5:00)

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