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Next Steps for Togo Medical Center

Updated: May 15

As many of you know, Global Partners in Hope has been working on establishing a medical center in the Zio District of Togo, West Africa. Our last update was in the Fall of 2020, so we thought it would be the perfect time for another update, as well as what our next steps will be. We are anticipating dedicating the medical center and opening the doors in July of 2021.  With that let’s go over what we have been up to and the next steps to opening.

A few of the main things that have transpired in Togo since our last update have to deal with shipments and finishing touches on the building. Since last Fall, two large shipping containers full of medical supplies, solar panels, an x-ray unit, and even a tractor have been transported to Togo and safely received. One of these shipments came from the USA and another from our partners in Holland. The exterior and interior of the medical center have now been all finished and you can see in the photo above it is looking great! But we still have a few more things to do before we can begin treating patients.

The next steps in Togo will be more of the technical side of things. Crews have started working on the easy access roads to the center and will be working on setting up the solar energy system very soon. CEO Ian Vickers and two GPiH Board members, along with Africa Medical Director, Dr. Brett MacLean, are making sure everything is ready to start loading supplies into the building and preparing it to be an operational medical center. Dr. MacLean has ordered all of the start-up medications and supplies, and once we get the go ahead they will be shipped to the site. If all goes as planned, our in-country family, Marcus and Jacoba Rand, will make their first trip to Togo with Ian and Dr. Coleen Stice in April, and will hopefully move to Togo this year to begin their roles as In-Country Director of Operations and In-Country Coordinator. 

As you can see, we are getting so close to this project coming to life. With all the trials there have been, one thing remains clear to us, God is faithful. This medical center would only be a passionate thought if it wasn’t for all of you, our incredibly faithful and generous supporters and donors. Thank you for being on this journey with Global Partners in Hope! You are making all of the difference and we cannot wait to show you that difference when the lives of thousands of Togolese are changed. 

Stay up to date on all of our progress in Togo by following GPiH on Facebook and Instagram!

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