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Witnessing the Work in Togo–Terrie Reno

If you know Global Partners in Hope (GPiH), you know the statistics of Togo… Infant mortality is among the highest in the world. 1 in 10 children will die during the birthing process and 1 in 20 women will die due to complications from childbirth. You also know that in Togo, dirty water is the leading cause of death, especially in children under the age of 5 and that one in five children will die before the age of 10.

Witnessing these things made visiting the medical clinic GPiH recently built so much more meaningful. We got to meet Lea, the midwife, and the rest of the medical team at the clinic. While not able to understand the French language Lea used as she told us about the clinic and the 14 healthy babies that have been delivered in just a few short months since the clinic had opened, the passion she shared for what she was doing could be understood across any language barrier. She was proud of the clinic and the lives they were changing and saving.

We also traveled to a remote village where GPiH had just built a new well. The villagers joyfully greeted us in their best clothes. They celebrated with a ceremony filled with song and dance. The village Chief thanked us for the opportunity that clean water provided for the families of his village. In appreciation, they gave an offering of a goat and a rooster to our group.

I’m grateful to have been given the opportunity to connect with the Togolese and truly understand the mission of GPiH. I appreciate that they don’t just come in and offer a little relief to day-to-day life for a short while. Instead, I recognize that GPiH creates sustainable projects that truly change the lives of generations to come for the people of Togo with fresh water and quality medical care.

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