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Welcoming the Bojar Family to the GPiH Team

Updated: May 15

This year, we would like to welcome two new members to the GPiH team, Jeff Bojar and Angela Haas! Jeff and Angela live in Boulder, CO, and they have been married for 17 years and have four kids Hilary 12, Perpetua 11, Brooks 7, and Judah 5. The two girls were adopted from West Africa.

Angela has a background as a Family Practice Physician for domestic refugee health. Over the years she has fostered her passion for helping underserved communities, as well as her passion for her family, as she currently homeschools her children. She will be serving as the Director of Medical Education at the health center in Togo. This role entails work protocol, standardization, and workforce capacity building, which includes training medical professionals and building relationships with existing health professional schools in areas where GPiH clinics are present.

Jeff has a background with ministry organizations. He is the General Counsel at Gloo, LLC, where he serves churches and faith ministries. At GPiH, he will manage the operational responsibilities on a fractional basis. Given his work with Gloo, he is excited about taking an innovative approach with GPiH. He is going to focus on how we at GPiH are serving and engaging those who contribute to our ministry through time, treasures, and talents and those who are impacted by the ministry. Jeff is uniquely qualified in his expertise and experience to steward his gifts to push the potential of GPiH in a healthy way to develop an even stronger organization.

Over the course of the last couple years, the two decided that they wanted to prioritize a few key principles. 1. using Angela’s medical gifts and training, 2) commit to serve as a family mission, 3. develop the girls West African heritage as a source of strength and identity. The next step was finding an organization that was making a sustainable impact. Angela spoke about a testament to GPiH’s work in Mali–not only are the health centers running but thriving years later with local operation (and little GPiH on-going support). She and Jeff look forward to meshing together their work experience with the relationships that GPiH has built. But above all, they are excited to work as a family and a couple for the Kingdom.

Angela traveled to Togo with us in July for the health center dedication. She said that she was taken by the quality of the healthcare facility, but even more, she was taken by the relationships and partnerships GPiH had in-country. Seeing local leaders, medical chiefs, and government officials at the dedication showed her that there was an incredible amount of collaboration and logistical planning that would make the health center successful. She was inspired by the smiles, the tears of joy, and remembers the children she met. She said she saw them “walking away carrying balloons and that they are walking away with a healthier future with access to healthcare.”

Jeff, Angela, and the kids are all excited to see how this new adventure unfolds before them. And at the cusp of their adventure in this new frontier, Jeff describes this opportunity saying that “God has you right where you need to be in that moment, and that’s exciting.”

Thank you Jeff and Angela for your commitment to providing hope to many and welcome to the GPiH family!

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