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Welcoming New Interns!

We are excited to share that our GPiH family is growing! This summer we have two new interns joining the team, Silas and Josh.

Meet Silas:

I go to The University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Omaha Campus), and I am a junior studying computer engineering. I was born in Illinois and moved to Omaha when I was 5. I love adventures, people, food, and the smell of rain. Last summer I got married to my beautiful wife Haleigh who is also a student at UNO.

This summer I will be helping GPiH in two main areas. First, I will be helping to construct a webpage for the company so that people can find out about us in an easy and fun way. Second, I will be helping to connect GPiH with local churches that I am, or have been, involved in. Lastly, I will be taking a trip to Togo, West Africa in mid-July. In addition, I will be creating a lighthearted and fun work environment here at GPiH headquarters.

I wanted to work at GPiH because I always felt that just becoming an engineer and working at a place where I help design computers would be cool, but honestly pretty empty. I want to spread the news of Jesus and show His love to the world, and I believe that Global Partners in Hope is somewhere I can do just that. I hope to bring my engineering knowledge here and merge it with my passion for ministry and people.

Fun fact about me: I have broken over 10 bones (Including my upper jaw and tooth that is now fake) from going on my crazy adventures!

Meet Josh:

I am currently studying Biblical and Theological Studies at John Brown University. I will be a senior next year, and I am from Omaha, NE.

I will be running the social media accounts and creating newsletters for GPiH this summer along with visiting churches to promote what GPiH is doing around the world. I have seen the wonderful work that GPiH has done in West Africa, and I was extremely excited to get the opportunity to work with an organization that I trust is doing good work.

I am excited to work with GPiH and be involved in such a wonderful organization!

Fun fact about me: I have something called Duane Syndrome. It pretty much means that my left eye is not able to look left all the way. Because of this, it often looks like I am crossing my eyes when I turn and look at someone.

We are so happy to welcome Silas and Josh to our team, and we look forward to seeing their combined skills and passion further GPiH in bringing hope to many!

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