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Togo Update

Updated: May 15

As many of you may know, we are currently in the works of completing our tenth health center in Togo, West Africa. This past January, we officially broke ground at the construction site for our newest medical center, located in the Zio district. This medical center will serve thousands of Togolese people that are currently lacking access to quality medical care. Throughout the last several months, we have made great strides towards our end goal and are excited to share our progress with you. 

Back in June, we shared the news that our shipping container full of medical equipment, and other treasures gifted and funded by many generous donors and partners, had left the U.S. and was headed to Togo. A few weeks ago the shipping container finally arrived and it will be unloaded at the health center very soon. The container holds incubators, hospital beds, and other equipment, such as our X-Ray machine donated by the Omaha Suburban Rotary Club. Additionally, the container also holds newly purchased lithium batteries that will be used to build the solar panels needed to power the site. We so greatly appreciate all of the donations we have received that will allow us the opportunity to continue providing hope in countries such as Togo.

Construction has continued to progress and the project is near completion. The foundation, walls, and roofing are all complete, and the finishing touches are being added to the health center. Most recently, the workers have added tiling and windows and finished the ceilings inside of the facility. Once all of the finishing touches are complete, we will begin unloading the shipping container and installing equipment. The project is expected to be complete by the end of 2020, and we are looking forward to providing lasting hope in an area that needs it most!

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