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Togo Construction Update

With two water wells established, a road created to access the medical center, and a wall built around the site, construction was finally able to begin. Since January, the site has received dozens of truckloads full of the materials necessary to move forward with the project, and we have finally received all of the building supplies. Some of these deliveries included cement, gravel, iron, and sand. All of these materials will be used to create the structural foundation for the medical center. 

Most recently, the cement bricks were delivered that will be used to begin building the actual walls of the facility, and the rebar for the foundation has been placed in the ground. Additionally, the water well that was previously established by Global Partners in 2017 is now being utilized and has been connected to the construction site. Throughout the building  process, construction workers will be able to stay easily hydrated in the West African heat. Eventually, the water will be utilized by medical staff and patients upon completion of the medical center.

By the coming summer of 2020, the first phase of the project will reach completion. We are looking forward to serving the Togolese people and providing lasting hope in an area that needs it most! To stay up to date with the most recent construction progress, follow GPiH on Instagram at @globalpartnerinhope and like us on Facebook.

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