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Sprung into Life

Akou's baby was born and quickly showed signs of serious infection with troubled breathing, fever, and lethargy. In developing nations, babies often die in the first few hours of life from infections they developed at the end of pregnancy or very shortly thereafter, and few places are equipped to manage such critically ill newborns.

For most of us in the United States, delivering a baby is a joyful and transformational time. But for many Togolese women, it can be a scary and fearful time not knowing if their precious baby will make it or not. Thankfully, the local medical team at the GPiH healthcare center sprang quickly into action with life-saving antibiotics, placing a tiny IV, and administering IV fluids until the baby recovered to be able to nurse.

Pictured on the cover of this post and above is Israel, now 4 months old, perfectly healthy and thriving thanks to the life-saving care provided shortly after birth! When you sponsor a baby delivery you are not only providing medical resources, but you are saving a baby's life. Be a part of saving a baby's life today by sponsoring a baby delivery here.

Story from GPiH American midwife, Sheri MacLean at Agbelouve, Togo Healthcare center (August 3, 2023):

Early this morning I was called to the clinic as a woman had come in labor. She was 5 cm upon arrival, which gave us a lot of time to sit with her.

We sat on the porch together while she labored, talking in between contractions. I was struck by the beauty of the mome-nt. The day was just beginning; birds were chirping, goats were crying, and the dear woman beside me was working to bring life into the world. It was a precious moment as we had the privilege to sit with her.

I often think about how midwife means “with woman.” What an honor and gift it is to be able to be with women at all times, but especially in these miraculous moments where the power and beauty of womanhood is displayed

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