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Silas Perry: Sharing Hope

Updated: May 15

It was early on a Saturday morning when my wife Haleigh and I left Omaha to go visit DeWitt Evangelical Free Church. They are located in Dewitt, Iowa, and are a huge supporter of Global Partners in Hope. We did not know what to expect upon our arrival and we were a little nervous.

When we got out of our car in Dewitt at Ian Vickers’ family’s house, we were instantly met with warm smiles and a glass of water. Having driven four hours to get there, Ian offered Haleigh and I a nice walk through the woods to stretch our legs. It was a great time and a great time to reflect on how we would share our Hope!

student speaking in front of crowd

DeWitt Evangelical Free Church is a beloved advocate of GPiH’s mission. The opportunity for Haleigh and I to get to visit them and speak to the local community was a special experience. We also got the chance to meet Ian’s nephew, Andrew, and his family. The times where we played games and ate a great dinner were a welcome bonus to an already fantastic trip.

It was so good to sit down with Andrew’s family and just be reminded that there really are people out there living like they care about Jesus.

The next morning, I was invited on stage to explain my passion for ministry while also being an engineering student. I talked about how GPiH has granted me a chance to merge the two together and accomplish something for the kingdom of God. Overall, I felt so welcomed by Dewitt Evangelical Free Church, and had a wonderful time.

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