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Shipping Container Headed to Togo

Progress continues at the construction site of our health center in Togo! The project is officially more than halfway complete, and we are currently in the second phase of construction. The foundation, walls, and roofing are all complete, and we are excited to begin the next steps of the project: the interior of the health center. Additionally, we have planted numerous trees around the site, and we cannot wait to see them grow and flourish.

Along with the medical equipment, GPiH has also been gifted a tractor from the nonprofit organization, Tractors for Africa. The tractor provided will be used at the medical center to cultivate the land for the development of agricultural projects and crop production.

Stocked with medical equipment and other treasures gifted and funded by many generous donors and partners, our shipping container is ready to depart the USA and head to Togo, West Africa! We deeply appreciate all of the support and donations received for this project. What a wonderful picture of multi-party collaboration and how “together” we can accomplish so much more than we can alone! The container should make it to Togo in three to four weeks, so stay tuned for more updates.

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