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Shipment to Togo

After several months of planning, GPiH is sending a shipment container to Togo that will provide hope to the region!

Thanks to our partnership with Matter, we have made the connections necessary to send a shipping container full of equipment to Togo!

In the shipping container, GPiH is sending an X-Ray machine that will be used for our medical center. This X-Ray machine was funded by Omaha Suburban Rotary Club, and was sent directly to Matter to add to the container. This X-Ray will allow our medical center to go above and beyond in diagnosing patients at the center. We are incredibly grateful for the grant that the Rotary Club provided, and are excited to begin using the new x-ray machine! In addition to the x-ray machine, the container also holds medical equipment donated by Matter, such as incubators, hospital beds, and more. The container also holds newly purchased lithium batteries that will be used to build the solar panels needed to power our newest medical center in Togo. We so greatly appreciate all of the donations we have received that will allow us the opportunity to continue providing hope in countries such as Togo.

Once Matter fills the shipping container-since we do not have enough to fill an entire container- it will go to Togo. This will take a few months to ship, but since our medical center is still being built, we have plenty of time. Once our medical center is finished, we will be ready to use the X-Ray machine and provide extensive medical care to those throughout the region!

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