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Resilient Hope: 2022 Mali Impact

Global Partners in Hope first began its efforts in the landlocked, West African country of Mali following a moving experience our CEO, Ian Vickers, had while visiting almost two decades ago. In short, he watched as the citizens of Mali would lay out the sick among them along the street waiting for anyone to come and treat them. Even basic healthcare is inaccessible to many. Since then, GPiH has partnered with the Malian non-profit organization, CPAM, to establish and equip healthcare facilities across the country. As the figure on the top-right shows, these centers are sources of significant impact, providing safe deliveries to thousands of moms and babies. Given that the current infant mortality rate in Mali is 57 deaths per 1,000 live births (compared to 5 per 1,000 births in the United States), thousands of infant’s lives have been saved because of these 14 partnered centers. They have additionally provided medical sick visits to tens of thousands of Malian citizens, many of whom might have been laid out along the street just months earlier.

A powerful note about these facilities is their sustainability. Despite rising extremism, these centers and hospitals have continued to thrive. Political instability has discouraged travel within the country and makes travel into the country dangerous. Therefore, we have been inhibited from offering in person physical assistance. But, excitingly, because of our sustainable strategy (namely the local staff and Malian organization, CPAM, managing the centers), our impact continues. These centers have continued to flourish despite the lack of on-site, physical American presence. GPiH has a proven track record of impact and with more partnerships, this impact will only grow.

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