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Prevention & Cure | Emma’s Story

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Sometimes our work at Salama Stoves works on both sides of the problem, prevention and cure!

The Salama Stove donation program ties us more closely with families, than any other project would. The traditional 3-stone fire, in many Kenyan rural homes, presents significant health risks and dangers, and our program picks out families where the children have been on the wrong side of this danger.

This video tells Emma’s story, a 6 month old who burnt both of her feet so badly that no-one thought she would walk again. But with the help of Dr Stice (Salama Stove Founder) and the International Medical Exchange and surgeons from Nakuru Provincial Hospital, she can now RUN. Her home now has a Salama Stove.

If you would like to help families who have suffered like Emma’s, you can donate to our program to help both sides of the equation – prevention & cure.


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