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Painting with the Partners

Updated: May 14

On June 3rd the Global Partners in Hope team tried out their artistic abilities and hosted their first “Painting with the Partners” event at Corky Canvas in Midtown Omaha. Though some were better than others at painting, the event overall was a fun way to introduce people to the mission of GPiH. With the goal to show people how GPiH is painting a better, healthier tomorrow for Africa, why not do it through the painting of an actual picture of Africa? Overall, it was an entertaining night with friends that included a lot of laughs, some wine, and a great time.

people painting on canvas

Corky Canvas, which has a location in Omaha as well as Lincoln, is known for hosting art classes with a twist…libations. While there and learning how to paint, patrons are able to joke around with friends and not take it too seriously. Even the instructor, Amanda, would tease the class saying, “If you don’t like how your painting looks, we can fix it. Or have another drink and it will look better anyway.”

Amanda was such an amazing teacher and it was easy to follow her simple and fun directions. By the end of the event everyone had a beautiful painting to take home that actually looked like the original image. The Corky Canvas was also great to work with for promoting the event. They invited their regulars to attend the event and allowed for walk-ins to join the event too, which helped spread the mission of GPiH to even more people. They even made a donation from the proceeds of the event to the work of

GPiH! The GPiH team is so grateful to work with Corky Canvas and cannot wait to have another event there soon.

Overall, the “Painting with the Partners” event was a blast. The team was able to reconnect with old friends who had previously traveled with GPiH, connect with organizations that already know of our work, and make several new friends along the way too. Because of this event, more people know and understand the importance of GPiH’s mission to provide clean water, medical care, solar energy, and leadership development to communities that need it most. By painting a picture of Africa, we can also help paint a better, healthier future for Africa. Thank you to everyone that was able to attend the event and in turn help provide hope to people that need it most.

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