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New Partnership Opportunity for GPiH

Updated: May 15

Global Partners in Hope is extremely excited to create a partnership with COMPLETE Weddings + Events and the Omaha Street School to create a new life skills program for underprivileged teens in the Omaha area. Launching in October, this program will provide an alternative educational pathway for kids and young adults struggling to succeed in the traditional classroom setting. It will allow them the opportunity to learn real-life skills that are applicable in the workforce. 

GPiH is collaborating with COMPLETE to create a curriculum based upon the current needs of both the music and event planning industries. The course that is derived from this curriculum will provide students with all of the necessary training that it takes to become an MC or DJ. This program is incredibly practical and has the potential to open doors for many students that may not otherwise have the opportunity to learn these skills. Once a student completes the program, they will be given their very own soundboard to ensure that they are able to put their skills into practice. 

Many students struggle to learn in the traditional classroom setting, and GPiH recognizes this issue at both a domestic and international level. With many years of experience in creating leadership training programs in countries such as China, Togo, and Mali, Global Partners in Hope is excited to successfully implement this type of training, here, at home. This program is the perfect opportunity for GPiH to put our work into practice at a domestic level and walk alongside community partners, while providing hope for those that need it most. This project serves as a reminder that we don’t necessarily need to travel the world to provide hope to underdeveloped communities; opportunity exists within our very own neighborhoods. 

Once GPiH receives the funds from COMPLETE, it will be our job to manage and allocate the funding for this project. After this program is successfully implemented at the Omaha Street School, it is our hope that this project will grow, and expand to other cities across the U.S., with the help of our partners. We are hopeful that this program will positively impact the lives of young adults and are eager to see the initial progress in the coming weeks.

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