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New Health Center for Mali, West Africa

Big Announcement: NEW Health Center for Mali, West Africa.

We have broken ground in Mali, West Africa in the village of Katiena! GPiH is pleased to announce that a new health center is being constructed to help the population living near the Sahel part of Africa. The news of receiving a health center brought tremendous joy to the village. Children will be able to be treated and mothers will receive much-needed care, as the focus will be on maternal and pediatric care. Literally thousands of people will have an opportunity to seek medical care in order to live a longer and healthier life.

When I visited this village a few years ago, I quickly realized it is a very rough part of the world to live in. Although the population is very resilient, it was still clear there were many deaths in the area that could have been prevented with medical intervention.

In the early evening, we sat down with the village leaders and told them of our desire to help this area and to partner with them in the effort to build a health center. Of course, over the years they have had people come through and speak about helping, but honestly, nothing happened. So, for GPiH to step into this village and provide the help and the hope to build a health center, has brought much joy and celebration.

To see the foundation being laid out and the construction starting so quickly is causing the village to celebrate. The goal is to finish the construction of the newest health center in a couple of months.

At GPiH we view this as an opportunity to transform a community from 1800’s medicine to 1970’s medicine ~ which is a huge leap in time! With access to proper training and procedures, this health center will be sustainable long into the future. We look forward to sharing pictures and stories from Katiena very soon. Of course, there is still much work that needs to be done, and we continue to rely on the financial support of donors to fund the construction. Please consider supporting this work of GPiH in Mali by donating here.


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