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More Than A MidWife...Meet Lea

According to my mother, I was a medical caregiver long before I chose the medical field as my area of studies. She recounts that even as a very little girl, that I would always play the role of nurse while playing with my friends, pretending to care for their wounds and other ailments. And as I aged, I continued to have compassion on those who were suffering and desired to help them in any way I could.

I myself was frequently sick during my adolescent years and after this period chose healthcare as my field in order to help others. I chose to enroll at the University of Lomé in order to become a midwife. Given that Lomé is such a large city with so many medical workers and health centers, I desired to go and work in the interior of the country where the need was great. I am now so thankful to be working at the Centre Medical Compassion d’Agbélouvé because this health center allows me the opportunity to work in a location where the people have great need. We are able to show them that they are no less valuable in the eyes of God than those in the large cities.

Spiritually, I believe that I am here as a mission to care for people’s souls. I feel an obligation to pray for every child who is born into my hands at the center, as well as all who come through the doors, that God’s hand would protect them and that they would be fully healed both physically and spiritually.

GPiH is blessed to have such an incredible woman like Lea a part of our staff team in Togo! We are very grateful she has joined us in our mission so that women and children not only survive, but thrive for generations to come in Togo, West-Africa!!

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