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Miracles in Mali

Updated: May 14

Miracles are all around us. Pastor Moise, who works in the village of Kallan in Mali, West Africa, shared a wonderful story on how miracles and the goodness of God surround us!

“In the month of Sept 21, Néné Coulibaly (a mother) brought her very sick son to the Kallan health center. After a medical examination, the director of the center, Daniel Sogoba, and his team mobilized to save the dying child. At this moment, Néné, the mother of the child, said to herself that her child is already dead, there is nothing to do, her child is gone, and she moved away from her child crying because she did not want to look at his corpse.

Everyone thought the child was already dead, but the medical team continued to pray and provide medical care until midnight. The next day, upon waking up, much to everyone’s surprise, Mother Néné and her son were walking through the center courtyard with indescribable joy. When the people who believed that the child was dead saw them walking around in plain sight, people said su kununa, in Bambara this word means the dead has risen, this declaration became the nickname of the boy.

This miracle happened through the combination of prayer with medical care. To God be all the glory! Through the medical and spiritual activities of the Kallan center, we record many who place their faith in Christ every year. The presence of this center has significantly increased the membership of the local church in Kallan.

We thank our partnership with GPiH for their support which enabled us to achieve such results. We always ask you to pray for the completion of the Kallan Chapel construction project.”

To support this project, please consider donating to Global Partners in Hope here.

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