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Meet Our International Advisory Board

Updated: May 15

This month, we would like to take some time to spotlight our International Advisory Board. Led by GPiH Founder and CEO, Ian Vickers, our International Advisory Board is comprised of six individuals from all around the world. We are incredibly grateful to each of our members for devoting their time to GPiH. Through this board, GPiH hopes to continue promoting diversity, inclusion, and dialogue by providing representation from different parts of the globe. Without further ado, please meet our International

Advisory Board:

Trent Wachner– Trent Wachner is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. Trent earned his Ph.D. in marketing at Washington State University in 2008. His research focuses on marketing strategy, sales force effectiveness, and the governance of boundary-spanning interfirm relationships. Outside of work, Trent enjoys spending time with his wife, Barb, and his four children- Ryan, Amanda, Adam and Rachel.

Hope– Born and raised in China, Hope came to the United States in 2013 to pursue an education at Baylor University. Prior to her move, Hope spent three years as a GPiH staff member in China. She served as a Program Administrator and was instrumental in the evolution of our leadership development program. Hope currently lives in Indiana with her husband Willis, and her son, Paul. She spends her time assisting with translation projects, while also homeschooling her son.

Deborah Dogba– Known as the “Business Seal,” Deborah Dogba is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, a global leader, and an organizational strategist, on a mission to bring solutions to businesses. Born and raised in Togo, Ms. Dogba earned a BS degree in Business Administration, Banking and Financial Markets and a second Bachelor Degree in Organizational Psychology. Deborah Adzovi Dogba, is a builder, a serial entrepreneur, a business strategist, a global influencer, and an African Diaspora Champion.

Rija Raharinosy– Rija Raharinosy runs sales for an IT Consulting firm in Toronto, Canada, where he lives with his wife, and two young kids. Rija was born and raised in Madagascar and left the island 25 years ago. He has a heart to see his home island transformed so that equal opportunities to access education, energy, healthcare, and water are available to all.

Victor Adoukonou– Victor Adoukonou is an IT Analyst. He is the manager of MCI (Millennium Consortium Ife), a small business providing cybersecurity services and awareness training to organizations and individuals. Victor has a doctoral degree in Business Administration, an MBA in Accounting, and MA in Social Sciences. He is a co-founder and Honorary President of the Togolese Diaspora in the United States (DTUSA). Dr. Adoukonou’s areas of expertise include consulting, coaching, and training on Strategy, Small Business Sustainability, Cybersecurity, and Entrepreneurship. Victor has more than two decades experiences organizing people and working for nonprofits to bring positive change in several communities. 

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