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Meet Crystal Bayliss!

Updated: May 15

Crystal Bayliss has been a longtime supporter of Global Partners in Hope (GPiH). She assisted Ian Vickers in the first couple years developing some of the concepts and framework for the organization. She participated in many different areas within the organization from attending some of the first meetings, to donating to some of the first great projects. She even wrote a few newsletters, traveled to China, held fundraisers and provided assistance with the first initial website.

baby in hospital

But for Crystal her support of GPiH became personal six years ago when her son Benjamin was born. Benjamin was born not breathing. She found it terrifying to watch medical professionals work on her son with a manual resuscitator trying to get him to breathe.

Fortunately, Benjamin was resuscitated with no complications. But after this event Crystal’s mind wandered to how others may not have the same healthcare opportunities we have in the United States.

“And it broke my heart because I realized that if I lived in Mali, Benjamin would have died because we lacked very basic medical care.” – Crystal Bayliss, GPiH Board Member

She realized that even a simple piece of equipment like that which saved her son’s life could make such a difference. She assisted the GPiH team in the development of the first large project of creating self-sustaining medical centers for those in Mali, Africa. She soon saw the progress of the medical centers being built and staff being trained and knew instantly this was not only helping those for tomorrow but for years to come. One of Crystal’s best moments with GPiH was when she learned that just after one week of receiving manual resuscitators the Mali medical staff had saved the life of a newborn child.

We asked Crystal what she is looking forward to the most in the next couple of years. “I am excited for GPiH to get started on the Togo medical center. I love being a part of bringing medical care to those who don’t currently have access to it.” – Crystal Bayliss, GPiH Board Member

family photo
women and child

We thank Crystal for her support, and we’re excited to announce that she has joined the GPiH Board of Directors. She continues to make an impact in the lives of others through her donations and service to GPiH.

“We welcome Crystal to our Board and are thankful for her willingness to serve in this capacity.  She will bring with her a knowledge of the organization from its beginnings and will be helpful in leading us to the next level as an organization. ” – Ian Vickers, GPiH CEO

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