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Long-term Sustainability: Timothée Nekou

Updated: May 15

GPiH's success in West Africa has been due to its partnerships with local organizations. The dedication, integrity, and commitment to the joint mission is simply outstanding. Within this partnership, involves identifying young, future leaders. One such person is Timothée Nekou, who works at our partner health center in Agbélouvé, Togo. Timothée is a devoted Christian believer who when asked how he would like to be remembered, simply states, "With God, everything is possible." You will find few who believe in the joint mission of GPiH and ONG Compassion as Timothée does. The mission to him is truly a calling. He sees the good the projects do for his community as the work of God.

GPiH person standing with local

Timothée works at the Agbélouvé Health Center in Togo as a health assistant and grounds supervisor. But that is not all Timothée does. He also acts as an unofficial liaison and ambassador between GPiH's project and the villages in the area. During a recent visit to Togo, a GPiH team decided to walk to the closest village, Boga, and Timothée volunteered to accompany the team and acted as a tour guide. Timothée seemed to know everyone as the team trekked the two kilometers to Boga and they all knew him too. It is a gift that Timothée has. He is a great people-person, he cares for people and they cannot help but like him back. Timothée's wife, Emmanuella, will tell you that he is a very curious person and he asks so many questions. It is that curiosity that led him to teach himself English. His English is outstanding and he can talk to you about almost any subject or topic, history or geography, science or mathematics. He always has something insightful to say.

As a part of GPiH's long-term vision of sustainability, two scholarships were offered to Timothée's household. He and Emmanuella will have the opportunity to attend nursing school starting this October in the capital city of Lomé. Timothée and Emmanuella are very happy about this opportunity, but what matters most to them is that it gives them another chance to be even more productive members of their community. Timothée is very motivated about this. He is the kind of person who finds motivation from things only he could find motivation from. The last time he was asked about his source of motivation, he pointed out that he sees help coming from an American organization as a catalyst to him to do the most he can and to achieve what he can for his community. He is going to nursing school with this motivation. After nursing school, Timothée sees himself working with GPiH's health center for as long as time permits.

There is still a long future ahead for GPiH and Timothée. It is a great, hope-filled future. We are so glad he is a part of the GPiH team!

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