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Ian Vickers’ Meeting with Togolese Ambassador

Updated: May 14

On May 20th, President/CEO of Global Partners in Hope, Ian Vickers, traveled to Washington D.C. to meet with the Togolese Ambassador at the Embassy located there. This was the second meeting Ian has had with Ambassador HEGRE, and the Ambassador was delighted to hear about the progress of the new health center in Togo. As the meeting began, there came about an encouraging conversation about how the new health center will significantly help the people of Togo. The Ambassador then went on to emphasize the importance of a location dedicated to medical help. Ian Vickers said, “In our global community, everyone should be provided an opportunity for good health, which includes people living in rural parts of Africa.” The meeting also connected Ian with the Togolese diaspora living in the D.C. area. 

Many people who are a part of the Togolese community were very excited to hear about the progress of clean water and proper health care Global Partners in Hope is working to provide. Ambassador HEGRE stated, “I am fully supportive of the work of GPIH and fully endorse the work of GPIH”. Through the Togolese community’s generous contributions to the project, many Togolese are able to make a significant difference in their country. We are excited about reaching the date of the dedication for the health center on July 24th and being able to provide recognition to the many who contributed to make this vision a reality.

There is a statement in Africa that goes, “Bonne sante avant tout,” meaning, “Good health above all”. We are thankful for all the doors God has opened for us to continue to benefit the people of Togo. We know that actions speak louder than words and providing health and healing will provide opportunities for people to truly see Christ’s love in a real way.

To support GPIH’s “Hope for Togo” project, please click here.

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