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Hope from Mali

Updated: May 14

The health centers in Mali that Global Partners in Hope helped to establish continue to provide hope across the region. Everyday dozens of patients visit the health centers for various medical needs. The range of the needs are vast…everything from malnutrition to snake bites. The best stories are always of those who were very ill, some near death, but they were able to receive care and survived. These stories emphasize the impact that the local staff and the health centers have had and continue to have on this region of Mali. 

Patients arrive during all hours of the day with various medical emergencies and the Malian health center staff are always ready to jump into action. Recently, a young child arrived with several snake bites and was immediately treated by the staff. Thankfully, this child recovered and is doing well today. Without the intervention of the health center staff, it is quite possible this child would not have survived. Similarly, a child arrived at one of the Mali health centers severely malnourished and the staff was able to provide the essential nutrients the child needed in order to bring him back to good health. He is now thriving and doing well. Again, without the intervention of trained health care workers, this little fella’s fate most certainly would not have had the same positive outcome. 

Daniel Thera, the President of our Malian partner organization, continues to be encouraged by the health centers’ competent staff who compassionately care for each and every patient. They care for the physical and spiritual needs of patients, having both medical professionals and chaplains on site and available to come alongside patients. 

So many children in Mali start out life in tough situations. Fortunately, many of these children find hope at the medical centers that Global Partners in Hope has established. It is through the work of the health centers that Malian children are able to receive the compassionate care and professional help that not only saves their lives, but helps them to thrive as well! Thank you for being a part of the solution for these young patients looking for help and hope!

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