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GPiH Honored To Be Community Partner for Africa Leadership Summit 2020

The annual Leadership Africa Summit will take place on April 25, 2020, in Omaha for its third consecutive year. The event presents opportunities for networking, learning, and connecting among professionals, entrepreneurs, and passionate individuals alike. The day-long conference consists of networking, workshops, and guest speakers involved with the African community surrounding topics of leadership, entrepreneurship, money management, health, and cultural diversity.

GPiH is honored to be named as a community partner again this year for the event. Marco Kpeglo LeRoc, the convener and creator of the Leadership Africa Summit, has worked closely with GPiH in the past and is originally from Togo. In 2019, Mr. LeRoc assisted Global Partners with hosting a leadership summit in Lomé, Togo. The GPiH team has attended the summit the last two years, and CEO Ian Vickers received an award in 2018 for his dedication and efforts in Africa. 

If you are interested in the work that GPiH has accomplished in Africa, and would like to learn more about African culture and connect with Africans within the Omaha community, this event is the perfect opportunity. The summit provides numerous opportunities to network, learn, and connect for those interested in African culture and communities. We are extremely excited to see what the event’s organizers have planned for this year’s conference and look forward to attending. You can register for the Leadership Africa Summit on their website,

UPDATE: Amid the rise and spread of COVID-19, the Africa Leadership Summit organizers have decided to postpone the event. Although we are disappointed, we still look forward to serving as a community partner and attending the event, and we will keep you all updated on the new date when a decision is made.

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