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Good News from Mali and Togo

Updated: May 14

There’s no question that our operations in Mali and Togo were shaken due to recent events in 2020. Mali has faced so many challenges including jihadism, military coups, and not to mention a global pandemic. Considering all of these challenges, Mali is a perfect example of why creating sustainable medical work is critical when doing international medical development. We are encouraged to say that, despite the circumstances, our work in Mali and Togo have both been progressing. The completion of the new medical center in Togo is on the horizon, and the sustainable medical practices in Mali have continued to advance even without the physical presence of American GPiH workers. 

With Dr. MacLean conducting his work back in the states, there was no shortage of challenges. But, with every challenge, there is an opportunity for growth. One of these opportunities came through the practice of telemedicine. We are so thankful that part of the training Dr. MacLean instilled in the healthcare workers in Mali was how to take and send pictures of medical cases to Dr. MacLean for consultation. This proved to be very helpful in treating many cases. 

Moving forward,  Dr. MacLean will continue to supervise the work from a distance and take regular trips back and forth from West Africa as soon as the Covid vaccine is readily available. Thanks to regular communication and 21st-century technology, the partnerships we’ve developed have not wavered. The main focus right now is getting the new Togo health center up and running in a sustainable way. In addition, we will continue to raise funds through donations of great people to continue our work. 

Based on the resilience and compassion displayed by the people we work with, we are nothing but optimistic about the upcoming year. Even under unimaginable circumstances, there was never a lack of hope. The evidence is demonstrated in the smiles of the people who have benefited from the ongoing operations of our gracious team. People are undefeated when it comes to providing hope, and nothing, not even a global pandemic, is going to change that. It is with God’s grace that we may continue to provide hope to the world.

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