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Final Preparations at the Health Center in Togo

Updated: May 14

Over the last several months, Dr. Brett MacLean has been traveling for at least one week each month back to Togo to help with the final touches on getting the health center up and running. Dr. MacLean and the rest of the team in Togo were able to meet again with the chef de canton (the county chief in Agbelouve, Togo) to ensure that the community was well informed about the health center and involved in the development.

After a successful meeting with the chief, Dr. MacLean worked with our in-country coordinator, Kouami, and health center midwife, Leah, to begin ordering medications with various Togolese pharmaceutical distributors. Even while Dr. MacLean is back stateside, Kouami and Leah continue to work on these medications orders to ensure that the health center is well stocked for excellent patient care.

In addition, Dr. MacLean was able to oversee the final handing over of the solar installation to the center with it now being fully completed. Although much of the design of the project was completed at a distance by our Dutch partner, Anco, it is a great joy of ours that 100% of the work was completed by Togolese technicians using a local company who can also provide the necessary oversight and maintenance going forward. This empowering of locals is one of the key ideals within Global Partners in Hope.

Finally, on top of the busy trip that Dr. MacLean already had, he oversaw the staff practicing a mock evacuation in the ambulance that the health center will be using with midwife Leah acting as the patient. Kouami and Dr. MacLean also worked on the paperwork that will be used at the health center, including the charting and health booklets that patients will get.

The progress at the health center this month has gone above and beyond our expectations and we appreciate all the hard work Dr. MacLean and the rest of the team have put into making the health center successful and ready to see patients. So, thank you Dr. MacLean for your years of service with Global Partners in Hope, (alongside your equally hard-working midwife-nurse practitioner wife Sheri) and for most recently all that you have been doing these past few months to get our first Togo health center up and running!

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