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Feature Article: Kouami Koudawoo

One of the largest and most recent projects of GPiH is the current construction of our newest health center in Togo, West Africa. This project has been in the making for nearly five years, so to see it come to fruition has been incredibly encouraging and inspiring. This project would have never come to life if not for our many generous donors and the help of the Togolese people. 

Each day, dozens of individuals continue the work of GPiH through the completion of our medical center in Togo. One of these individuals that have played a particularly important role in the construction of the site is Kouami Koudawoo, Project Administrator for Compassion, and our On-site Project Coordinator.

Kouami lives in Togo with his wife, Jennifer, and their three children, and enjoys reading, sports, and traveling. He first became involved with GPiH back in 2014, when Global Partners in Hope partnered with the Togolese NGO, Compassion. As a Project Administrator for Compassion, Kouami was assigned the task of assisting GPiH in the installation of our first solar panel project in Togo. Since then, Kouami has remained a valuable asset to the work of GPiH through our six-year partnership with Compassion. 

Since the installation of the solar panels back in 2014, Kouami has assisted GPiH with several other projects including water well installation, leadership training workshops, and our current project, the construction of the health center in Togo. Kouami serves as a liaison between Compassion, GPiH, and the many other key players involved in the construction of the health center. Working closely with Dr. Brett MacLean and the rest of the GPiH team, Kouami has truly helped to bring the GPiH vision to life.

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