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Dr. Brett MacLean’s Trip to Togo

In June, Dr. Brett MacLean traveled to Togo, West Africa to help set up equipment in the new health center in preparation for the dedication in July. As one of the final steps in getting ready to open the health center, Dr. MacLean and his team made great progress as their efforts were a success in preparing the center for the dedication.

One of the main objectives of Dr. MacLean’s visit was to help set up the new x-ray unit that was granted by the Suburban Rotary Club. After setting up and testing the x-ray machine, it is ready to be used by staff at the health center to treat patients.

This successful trip reminds us that good things are to come in Togo, and the health and wellbeing of the Togolese families are the priority of the health center and its staff. Thank you to the Suburban Rotary Club for the donations and thank you to everyone who has made this vision a wonderful reality through generous donations, prayers, and well wishes.

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