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COVID-19 Update

Updated: May 14

Amidst the world’s current chaos, there is some good news: the GPiH team is officially back in the office! We will resume work with our regular office hours, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Thursday, with the exception of Friday’s, when the office will close early at 12:00 PM. 

Although we are back in the office, we are very aware of the current global pandemic that is still occurring. In accordance with the CDC guidelines, and the word of local law officials, we will continue to practice social distancing and proper sanitation measures. Everyone in the office will remain at their designated desks in separate offices, and during all staff meetings, we will remain at least six feet apart. 

We are hopeful that the curve will continue to flatten, and progress will be made towards treatment and vaccination efforts surrounding COVID-19. The GPiH team will continue to do our part by minimizing contact and exposure, and hope that all of you will do the same. Additionally, we at Global Partners in Hope would like to thank all essential workers that have continued to work throughout this unprecedented time. Without your efforts, we would be unable to continue living life as we know it. 

On June 11, we will be hosting a “Virtual Happy Hour” via Zoom to update our donors and supporters on all things GPiH. The meeting will take place at 3:00 PM CST and we will have several special guests including Mr. Tata Kouassi, Pastor Phil Human, GPiH team members, and many more! This is a great opportunity to gain some insight into the current work of GPiH, and network with other GPiH donors and supporters. Please click on the Zoom icon located to the right to join our Virtual Happy Hour.

We are excited to resume life with some sense of normality, and continue providing hope to those that need it most! 

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