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Beyond Togo and Mali; Expanding to Benin

Updated: May 14

GPiH thrives through its partnerships, from our champion donors here in America, to the nurses at our health centers in West-Africa, our success has been in part due to their presence and support. As we look beyond Mali and Togo into the country of Benin, we have identified a possible partnership that aligns with our vision in La RESCOUSSE, a local NGO. La RESCOUSSE works in the Atlantique and Couffou region of Benin, regions that have lagged behind others in Benin’s national development.

La RESCOUSSE was formed by local leaders, doctors and other professionals who decided to take matters into their own hands and change their own communities and not to wait for others to come to help. On their own, since 2020, they have been able to give scholarships to 100 orphans, trained 30 specialists (doctors and nurses) on how to provide care to infants and have participated in the training of more than 500 students and youth. The leaders of this organization have used their own money to cover the expenses needed to help their community, they want to make a difference. Besides the deep sense of duty these people have for their community, they draw back on their faith and spirituality to motivate them as they make the change they want to see in their community.

The members of La RESCOUSSE are very happy to find a potential partner in GPiH and even met in person with CEO Ian Vickers and others during a recent trip to Togo. We are excited to collaborate with this inspired organization to fulfill the vision of women and children not only surviving, but thriving for generations to come in French-speaking, West Africa. So stay tuned ~ there will certainly be more to come from Benin as we expand to Benin soon!

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