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Andrew Harmody: Togo Experience

Updated: May 15

Andrew Harmody is a student at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. He traveled with GPiH on a recent trip to Togo. He was very excited to have the opportunity to travel with GPiH, especially since he had plans canceled for the past two summers due to COVID-19.

“We only had a short amount of time between deciding to go and the date we left, but the GPiH staff (specifically Jannie Price and Brett MacLean) were super helpful in getting everything together in time.” said Harmody.

Group photo

Harmody said he felt out of place once he arrived in Togo, but Kouami Koudawoo, who works for COMPASSION, was very helpful. “When Kouami found us and introduced himself we were very relieved to know that we were with someone who could help us navigate the airport and the rest of the country.” Harmody said.

Being with the Togolese workers at the medical clinic was the most impactful part of Harmody’s trip. “While the clinic was busy, it was incredible to see them providing care that patients couldn’t find elsewhere,” Harmody said. “The workers also were constantly teaching each other or us while treating and examining patients. After the clinic closed for the day, they were always willing and eager to spend time with us where we learned more about their faith, their culture, how GPiH has impacted them, and their hopes for the future. We also shared some laughs when we learned that certain aspects of American culture such as music and YouTube videos had spread to Togo.”

Since returning from Togo, Andrew has shared his experience and GPiH’s mission with others. “The Bible commands us to love our neighbors, to use the gifts and resources we have been blessed with to bless others, and to make disciples of all nations. GPiH is doing all of these in Togo, “ Harmony said. “I believe anyone looking to participate in the mission of God overseas should seriously consider going to Togo with GPiH.”

photo with people in Togo

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