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Adjusting to New Language & Culture; The Bojar Update

The Bojar family has completed the move to Albertville, France and commenced French language school. You may recall they have four children (6, 8, 11 and 13), all of which are now enrolled at their respective schools in Albertville. What an adventure! GPiH and the Bojar family made the commitment to learn the language with expectant hope that the language will lead to relationships that deepen our long-term impact in West Africa. This school was selected in particular because of the quality of instruction and clean accent in the region. Africans, particularly government level officials, have high expectations of Americans' language skills. Managing these expectations is often key to unlocking relationships and collaboration. This school has a proven track record with our own Brett and Sheri MacLean ~ from (more than) a few years back so they have provided much needed encouragement and support to the Bojar family. The Bojars report not much has changed in the school or accommodations since the MacLeans were there, but the location in the French Alps makes up for any shortcomings in the residence hall. The Bojar family is capturing and sharing their learnings on "Medium", which you can find here:

Language school campus in Albertville

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