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A Look at the Impact of the Health Center in Togo

What would you do if your family was preparing to have a baby? You would probably read and prepare for the birth, maybe take a birthing class, or even find a birthing coach. But most importantly, you would visit the hospital you are planning to give birth in. While this may be the norm for giving birth here in the US, this is not a reality for mothers living in rural Africa. Many women have very little access to medical facilities and treatments, leaving them to give birth on their own in their homes with no medication or medical assistance.

In pursuit of this life-giving action, one in twenty women will die due to a complication, one in ten children will die during the birthing process, and one in five children will die before the age of ten. 

We are looking to change these statistics by providing necessary medical care to those in Togo, which is exactly what access to the health center will deliver. The health center will focus on labor and delivery, as well as child care postpartum, which will drastically change the way that Togolese women are able to have medical attention while pregnant and in labor, as well as the significant reduction of death due to complications.

A young mom in Togo commented: “The health center will allow a pregnant woman to be consulted at a [hospital] not too far from her home. A mother would be able to take her baby/children to a nearby health center for consultations. Having a health center nearby makes it possible to avoid travelling long distances, access to quality and adapted care, and to avoid stress[ing the limited number] of qualified health personnel. [The medical center will lessen the risk of] death due to poor health care and allow the development of the mother of the child and the father of the family”

Thank you to those of you who have contributed to the building of the health center as we are excited for the dedication and opening on July 24th, and we are excited to see the lives that will be changed. Know that your contributions are making a difference in saving lives and providing much needed health care to those in rural West Africa.

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