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A Child is Born!

Updated: May 14

As many of us finished our shopping, present wrapping, and preparing for Christmas Day, Christmas came early in Togo. On December 24th, the first child was born at the health center in Agbelouve!

This news was a wonderful reassurance of why it is so important to celebrate life and birth this time of year–we celebrate the tremendous joy of life and the love that was delivered to us through Christ. Christmas time is about celebrating God’s love for us by providing one of the most joyous occasions: the birth of a new life and the incredible love of a family. This year at GPiH we celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ and the birth of a new baby in Togo!

As a huge milestone for GPiH, our brothers and sisters in Togo, and the new family, we have seen hope in action during this joyous time of year. We are hopeful for the future and that many more families can receive life-sustaining treatment and witness the incredible experience of giving birth to a new child. This year alone at our health centers in Mali, 18,871 patients were treated, there were 1,263 births, 4,183 children vaccinated, 1,907 women vaccinated, 2,840 prenatal consultations, and 29,064 impacted and filled with hope.

So thank you for being a part of the GPiH family and for helping us to make a difference in the world as we see women and children thriving in West Africa. We wish you a Merry Christmas season, a Happy New Year, and we look forward to all the hope that 2022 will bring!

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