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2nd Shipment Going to Togo

Updated: May 14

It has been a remarkable show of collaboration and service from you, our donors and volunteers, as a second container full of surgical equipment and medical supplies is being prepared to be shipped to the Agbelouve Health Center in Togo. All of the logistics, sorting, and packing of this shipment has been, and will be, led by passionate people personally invested in the mission and vision of GPiH. Even the costs of purchasing a container and shipping it by ocean liner has all been provided by YOU, our faithful supporters, and we cannot say thank you enough for all of your help in making this possible! Anticipated departure of the shipping container has been set for mid to late March and it should take approximately six to eight weeks to make the voyage. Stay tuned for more news to come as the shipment launches and track its progress as it makes its way to Togo.

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