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Stories of Hope

While we closely measure data related to our impact, the stories of transformation

are what stir and encourage our hearts. 


The primary recipient of impact is a local community member; however, the work we enable touches many more stakeholders in a feed forward manner, including local staff members, providers, patients, and you, our Champion.


Local Staff & Partners

GPiH’s heart for our nation and peoples inspires. Their commitment to ethics, fair dealing and respect for our independence and ultimate accountability allows our collaboration to achieve great purposes across Togo. Furthermore, their focus on the more distressed areas of our nation aligns with our President’s commitment to the underserved peoples in the North of Togo.  - Koffi Esaw (President ONG Compassion Togo, Former Minister of Justice Togo, Former Togolese ambassador to the African Union)

Koffi Esaw photo


GPiH - kid playing

"I had suffered for years with awful skin problems that not only caused great irritation and discomfort, but also brought me shame in the community. Thanks to the special creams at the health center my skin has fully cleared up and I am free from the irritation, discomfort, and shame." - Togolese Patient

"My child has epilepsy and nothing has ever worked. Multiple times a day he drops to the ground and shakes violently. Everyone looks at us with fear and pity for what they believe to be the evil spirit that he has. But the health center gave us daily medication that has stopped the seizures and we can now live in peace and joy."

- Malian Patient

small child looking up


"Being able to speak and build relationships with the people being impacted was truly a great experience. It has brought great joy to me and a bigger understanding and appreciation for life."

- Tim Vogel

GPiH - Tim Vogel posing for camera
GPiH - Scott Karnes

"I have been a part of something beyond amazing. Being at the well dedication, to being at the orphanage, to the friendships that have been created with our group. This is something that I never thought would be possible. So much love and fulfillment of need." - Scott Karnes

kids looking at camera
Mom caring kids

 Patient Experience: Hawa's Story

Hawa is a mother of 5 living in the Bako region of Mali. Unlike most American mothers, Hawa doesn’t worry about carpooling, soccer practice or band concerts. Hawa has very different concerns.

Each day Hawa must walk miles for water for her children. Food is scarce, and when one of her children becomes sick, medical care is 80 miles away. Statistically, one of her five children will likely die before age 10. And with few job opportunities, Hawa has little chance to improve her situation.


That was before Global Partners in Hope built a medical center and water well in her village. Now, for the first time in her life, Hawa has hope. She will no longer have to walk a long distance each day just for drinking water, and when one of her children gets sick, medical help is nearby.


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