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Spotlight: Adzo Ekpe, Togolese Pharmacist

Updated: May 14

I would like to introduce you to a very special friend of ours. Her name is Adzo Mawuli Ekpe. Adzo is the mother of an 8-year-old son as well as a Togolese pharmacist at the Agbelouve healthcare facility in Agbelouve, Togo, West Africa.

Photo of Adzo's

Adzo’s journey to her career in pharmacy began a few years ago when she took a job as a cashier at a different facility. In addition to her cashier duties, Adzo had the opportunity to assist the pharmacy manager with various tasks, allowing her to gain the knowledge and competence to work in the Agbelouve healthcare facility.

Fast forward to 2021, Adzo was looking for work and was contacted by a friend and former coworker, Léa, a midwife at the Agbelouve healthcare center. Léa put her in touch with the healthcare center and signed on as a full-time pharmacist after extensive interviews.

Standing photo of Adzo

Despite working 8am to 4pm and weekends due to the influx of patients, when asked about how she feels working for the center, Adzo responds enthusiastically. She feels a passion for the position that stems from being given the trust and responsibility to manage the medications as well as the cash register. To quote Adzo, “And in return, I do everything I can to be worthy of it.” Adzo goes on to say that what has stood out for her these past two years, are the relationships she, her patients and her coworkers have developed for each other.

We are so grateful for Adzo and all that she brings to the Agbelouve clinic, caring for those in need, warmly welcoming visitors and patients and working tirelessly with commitment, passion and gratitude

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