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New Partnership: Omaha Zoo & Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership

We are very excited to get started with a new partnership with the Omaha Zoo and the Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership. The work that the Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership and the Omaha Zoo have done so far has been amazing for the people, animals, and environment of Madagascar and we cannot wait to see how we can help to bring sustainable HOPE to Madagascar.

Dr. Edward Louis Jr., Director of the Conservation Genetics Department at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium, established the Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership (MBP) which is a Malagasy NGO. Dr. Louis first traveled to Madagascar in 1998 and has kept going back ever since. Over the years, his program has grown from field expeditions and genetics research to working with a Malagasy staff of more than 150 people on conservation, reforestation, and community development. 

Many people do not know about the need in Madagascar. Due to the activity of humans, the Madagascar lemur species has become the most threatened group of mammals in the world. Dr. Louis saw that a change needed to happen for the people and the environment otherwise more lemur species would become extinct and maybe even cease to exist altogether. The goal of the Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership is to restore the relationship between the people and the natural environment with several community-based conservation and development programs.

Global Partners in Hope recently got into contact with Dr. Louis and heard about how this program is affecting Madagascar. With our ongoing success in bringing sustainable hope to Mali and Togo, we knew that we could help this community as well. Ever since, we have been brainstorming ways to bring hope to Madagascar such as providing clean water wells, solar energy, leadership programs, or even a possible medical center! We are excited to see what this partnership has in store for the environment and community of Madagascar.

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