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Celebrating Partnership With Complete Weddings + Event

At Global Partners in Hope, we are proud to continue our incredible partnership with Complete Weddings + Events. This collaboration is built on the shared commitment to making a positive difference in not only our local communities but also in developing West Africa. This culmination of initiatives continues to thrive today in the Do Good Together Campaign.

Since 2013, Complete has dedicated one month toward this annual fundraising campaign. In the last three years, the Complete Weddings + Events annual campaign has donated over $150,000, funding clean water wells in remote areas of Mali and Togo, West Africa, and the construction of a medical center in Togo. 

In March, members from the Complete Team, including Zahira Lopez, Josh, and Misty Kingsley, traveled to Togo, witnessing firsthand the impact of their support. As Zahira Lopez shared her experience, “Being able to see the positive impact that clean water and health care has on mothers and children was an experience like no other. Seeing all the joy and hope that comes from the effort of GPiH solidified the importance of this partnership”

Celebrating their 50th Anniversary, Complete presented a $46,821.23 check to GPiH. This generous contribution is another amazing accomplishment created because of the Do Good Together Campaign, furthering our mission of providing hope and resources to those most in need. We are grateful for our partnership with Complete Weddings + Events and look forward to many more opportunities to create positive change together.  

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