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What I See...Perspective From Lea The Midwife

The Agbélouvé Health Center opened its doors November 2, 2021. I see the center as a gift from God, giving life to those who had lost hope. Since the opening, people continue to travel numerous kilometers in order to be seen and many have even come from the capital of Lomé (which is almost an hour and a half distance away by car), having heard from so many who received excellent care at our health center.

For me, as a midwife, I have been truly moved by some of the patients, such as a young woman whom GPiH midwife Sheri MacLean and I saw together. Two months previously she had given birth by C-section at the regional hospital and was now showing signs of severe infection. We began treatment and planned for close follow up, but the woman did not return right away having run out of money and being concerned about additional costs. When she finally did return, she had become much worse. Always in direct contact with GPiH Physician Dr. Brett MacLean, we arranged for emergent evacuation, provided by our ambulance and medical team. We were able to get her to a place where she could receive another surgery, medication, and blood transfusions, which ultimately saved her life. Her medical bill was completely paid for by the donations to Global Partners in Hope. By the grace of God, both she and her baby are thriving to this day.

Another patient that moved me was a woman who had been advised to go to the regional hospital for a C-section due to her pregnancy having gone past the normal amount of time. Instead she chose to come to our health center to get a second opinion. Together with GPiH midwife Sheri, we were able to induce her labor and she gave birth to a beautiful girl, which just happened to be our very first baby born here! This new mother is so thankful to GPiH for building this wonderful new health center and she brings her baby back from time to time in order to continue to give thanks to all those working at our center.

There was even a 4-year old boy who came after having received four blood transfusions in the previous year and arrived needing another. Once the family realized that he required another transfusion, they became so sad and realized that their child would die since they didn’t have any more money. Our health center, through the donations of GPiH, however, gave the family the money that they needed for the blood transfusion and ensured that it was received. As a result, now seven months later, their son is thriving and has not needed another transfusion since that time nor even been sick.

There are so many stories such as the ones I’ve written above…too many to mention here. We are so thankful for GPiH and Compassion partnering to build this health center. And also the newly arrived ambulance will enable us to care for so many more.

For the future, we are first looking to begin on-site blood transfusions which are so necessary here due to malaria and the common need after childbirth, among many other medical indications as well. We are also hopeful for the possibility of the construction of a surgical building next so that those who need a C-section or other surgery would be able to have their lives saved as a result of this building and the care received within. All who contribute towards this goal play a part in caring for and saving these lives.

For me, this is a great work of God. The tremendous partnership of GPiH is such an encouragement to me personally and to the community. I cannot help but believe that working together, that God is with us, and that He will help us build this health center into a major hospital to serve the people of Togo.

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